Meditatio, Research and Conclude

In the beginning of the preparation for professional analysis; the evaluation of the enterprise and the study of their reality to provide support or the creation of solutions; in-depth reflection on all the circumstances surrounding the institution and the challenges that may arise; and we seek beyond the problems; to get the correct description of the current situation; Or risk to the future.

AORD Expert Group is distinguished by presenting their studies and reports in a creative manner that adopts the principle of transparency with the client and the confidentiality of his information and advice in the choices he presents to decision makers.

Executive Strategy

Efforts often build strategies at theoretical levels that do not go beyond description and suggestion; Making programs and initiatives difficult puzzle to solve for institutions benefiting from traditional solutions; All of this made it difficult for many to apply what their budding strategies implied.

AORD builds a land for its partners with authentic products that includes executive programs according to the reality of the institution and its future ambition to achieve their promising vision. AORD’S innovative business model, which incorporates the visualization of the organization reality and its employees, has had the greatest impact on the success of our partners in achieving their goals, which gave the clients more confident AORD and its team;

Initiatives and programs

Many organizations need to work on programs and initiatives that responds to emerging requirements, change on priorities; or even improve the services and products they provide . And usually focus on specific axes of work or development through these programs, and ensure their homogeneity with the rest of the work procedures and plans, and here it highlights our capabilities in project management and leadership in operational processes to overcome the challenges that obstructs decision-makers and their ability to think.

We have worked at AORD in a clear project management methodology, building and implementing programs and initiatives, including a risk study and action planning that ensures the actions are implemented correctly, with flexibility to deal with .

Structure and organization

Many institutions suffer from large internal challenges that sometimes fail to play their roles despite experience and competencies available in the cadres, well … It is no secret that the internal organization of the institution and its mechanism will organize effective communication processes within and bear the factors of success and the reasons for failure.

AORD’s efforts in restructuring and developing administrative and financial systems have been among the most important development and changing tools that have often solved the puzzles of low working standards and overcome challenges, difficulties, conflicts and differences.

Operational Plans

Many professionals specialize in building operational plans on several activities that often responds to undue pressure and time constraints. Some assumes the ability of their customers to profoundly modify plans during implementation and exclude the risks associated with operational planning, making them more theoretical Operation.

Proper planning processes includes- in parallel- tasks that a team of specialists must achieve to produce professional outputs in the form of precise operational plan that does not exclude the circumstances surrounding the institution or its employees. This is briefly a chart model in AORD

The manner of governing

With the fast development of work fields, everyone seeks to build and apply the principles of governance according to the laws and regulations in force. Therefore, we see many initiatives in the government and the private sector focuses on the preparation of internal regulations and modules in a transparent and integrated manner, and everyone is keen to highlight their efforts in this area and publish Their business in the widest.

AORD had provided its expertise in various administrative, financial and technical governance projects, including policies, procedures and business cycles in accordance with local and international standards. This gives our partners the opportunity to benefit from the integration of our services in the areas of legal, administrative, financial and technical organization and development.

Career development

Everyone sees human resources in institutions as priceless asset that outweighs the importance of other assets and components of the institution or its different resources. As you will be superior and characterized, affected negatively and positively by them.

AORD has adopted a model for attracting, retaining competencies and professional development of human resources as a basis for the success of its consulting services. It always includes unlimited support for knowledge and local skills development to ensure possible development and future growth. This model includes studying the rights and benefits of employees and developing their systems regulations. And its details, equivalent with the various institutional development processes we work with our partners supported by our accumulated  experience and multiple resources.

Information technology

The use of technology is increasing in the operation of enterprises, and the use of electronic content in education, training and marketing processes is widespread. However, technology is not a device we buy, or a system we use, some investments in a technical infrastructure that did not have the expected outcome. due to weak planning ; Or being away from the real need of the enterprise. AORD adopts simplified models for the development of technical solutions; building solutions based on the enterprise’s potential to integrate services and increase productivity at the individual and enterprise levels.